- DMX512 LED Controller


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四通道调光输出,每通道最大电流AC 10A每一个通道均具备10A 空气开关保护;共有1024级亮度调节;一个网络中具备256个区域以及65536个通道,如何设备中每一个均可任意寻址;采用RS485接口;兼容DMX512协议;本机可以存储256种场景;适用于白炽灯、射灯等AC供电灯具。

TEC-AC410LE is a 4 channel energy management controller with a maximum load per channel of 10A. Build in TEC-net protocol, The TEC-AC410LE can be configured with smart control panels (Touch Screen) and DMX512 Lighting Control Managed Software, it can provide maximum 256 preset scenes for entry, set-up, cleaning and presentations.




Technical Data
Model No.:TEC-AC410LE
Supply voltage/ working voltage: AC220V, 50/60Hz single phase at 40A
Maximum Load: 10Aper channel
Load Types: Incandescent Lamps
Low voltage electronic transformers
Neon / Cold-cathode
Fade Times: 0-60 minutes
Memory: EEprom for 256 scenes memory
Resolution: 256 grades continually dimming process
Emergency protection: Failure to “ON” safety feature
Failure protection: 4 x Manual bypass switches
Construction: Wall mounted steel case
Dimension: 300(H) x243(W) x83(D)mm
Working temperature: 0℃to 40℃
Weight: 4kg

Four dimmable channels rated at 10Amp output
10A MCB protected for each channels
Most types of Incandescent, low voltage lamp and inductive loads
256 grades continually dimming process
Four Manual bypass switches
Lightning protection
Failure to “ON” safety feature
Distributed network
Up to 65,536 channels and 256 Area per network.
Channel Addressable. Every Channel could be assign to any area individually.
Dual addressing mode manages physical address and logical address. Scenes preset, area setup, unite, partition flexibly online with DMX512 Lighting Management software.
EEprom memory, to prevent memory loss after power failure

RS485 TEC-NET serial port

DMX512 compatible

256 scenes memory
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