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12~80 Channels Constant Current LED Dimmer System C/W DMX512 Protocol, 220V AC input, 350mA constant current output per channel, 1~12pcs 1W LED in serial per channel, LED Driver overheat protection. Slot card design, easy to repair and replacement. Standard 3U chassis. SKP has focused on the LED lighting engineer, industrial control, intelligent home appliances design and mass customization more than 10 years. We have got plenty of experiences in design and manufacture of LED lighting control system. Now SKP export perfect DMX512 LED controller to different countries, If you're interested in our products, please no hesitate to contact us. Intelligent Control
Light Scene Controller -- Four dimmable channels rated at DC 0~10V output. Four Relay output control. 10A MCB protected for each channels. 1024 grades continually dimming process. Up to 65,536 channels and 256 Area per network. Channel Addressable. RS485 TEC-NET serial port. DMX512 compatible. 256 scenes memory. Healthy & Entertainment
GPRS Light Controller -- Support GPRS network, Street Lighting can be remote control and monitor via Internet. Total 6 channel AC output could be monitor simultaneously. Build in 2 channel dry contact output. Suitable for small street lighting system. Remoted industrial control system. Industry System MCU IC Smart Appliances  Copyright 2012  Guangzhou SKP Digital Electronics Co., Ltd   | - DMX512 LED Controller